Driven by curiosity

I am driven by an unrelenting curiosity (the what if?) and a desire to play with a variety of mark-making materials and concepts revolving around the spirit of women. These givers of life are beautiful, powerful and mysterious beings, who deserve to be honored and explored in every medium possible. My latest obsession is creating whimsical ladies using alcohol makers, colored pencils and a variety of other materials.

As I create art, I leave open my journey, allowing myself to receive what comes to head, heart and hand. My aim is to immerse myself in the process of creating, to explore the colors, subjects and materials that most excite me in the moment. Opening myself often leads me to create acrylic-based mixed media collage pieces that showcase women.

I am also fascinated by the process of tearing up paper and using the pieces to “paint” in a way similar to the way my Alabama grandmother used colorful pieces of cloth as her medium for creating beautiful patchwork quilts.

Most of my pieces are imbued with a texture that invites viewers to come closer to see the work and possibly touch it, thus creating a connection between viewers and me.