Creations by Coleman
My name is Sandy Coleman. I have been painting and drawing since childhood. I love bold, bright colors, but also explore softer tones in my work. Often I incorporate African design in paintings or play with symbols to create a personal language. In general, I’m an artist who considers art play. My goal is to explore and follow where the Muse leads me as I seek to understand my own artistic voice. Often I create mixed media pieces that incorporate collage and showcase the beauty, power and mystery of women. Most pieces are imbued with a texture that invites viewers to want to move closer to see, and makes them wish to touch. I design and make beaded jewelry, as well, and create greeting cards that are works of art that can be framed. My work has been exhibited in the Boston area and has appeared in O Magazine. I also have been featured on HGTV’s “That’s Clever!’’ making handmade cards. Read about my latest work on my blog at
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